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Fun Fair

Miniatur Wunderland has a new construction site: a new fun fair is under construction on 9 m2! And it is not only for all the Wunderland adrenaline junkies and cotton candy lovers, no, it shall bring a sparkle to the eyes of our guests and become a unique experience satisfying all senses.

Old to new

What a surprise. A fair as a new section in Wunderland? Yes, you read right! Although there has been a fun fair in the Central Germany section ever since the beginning of the Wunderland it is time now, after 18 years, for a makeover. This is not due to safety reasons or because a technical inspection is long overdue, we are doing it because we have been dreaming for years now of revising this particular section of the Wunderland.

There’s a simple reason: The original fair is great, but not great enough! The topic “fair” is one big playground for all the creative minds and technicians of the Wunderland and we want to use this potential in full.

In order to find enough space for all the ideas, we will more than double the area of ??the fair for the new section. Roughly 9 m2 are available to the model makers to build a unique 1:87 scale amusement landscape. Strictly speaking, the fair even quadruples, because the new fun fair is to be visited by many more Wunderland inhabitants than before. Around 10,000 figurines are impatiently waiting to push their way through the narrow alleys 365 days a year, to buy popcorn and lottery tickets and face the ultimate thrill of rides. In order to give even die-hard miniature adrenaline junkies their money's worth; our technicians are working on the "project roller coaster" with particular dedication. We want a moving roller coaster in 1:87, which will hold up to the long term operation of Wunderland, which will bend through loops and make the little Wunderlandians’ excitement come alive for our visitors.

But it is not only the dream roller coaster, which proves to be an enormous challenge. Each individual ride requires the skill of our technical department in particular, since the readymade products and kits on the market were not developed for continuous operation. That is why Wunderland rides are all self-built structures with special engines, ball bearings and metal gears that have to persevere the intense use of the Wunderland fair visitors.

Our vision: An experience for all senses

Our new fair will not only be a visual highlight for our visitors, but really an experience for all the senses. For this we are experimenting with smells, flirting with a true-to-original soundscape (much to the regret of the neighboring control room), using LEDs for a never before seen sea of ??lights at night and we are tinkering with possibilities to make the visitor part of the spectacle.

In other words: We are working with full force on a sensory overload in the scale of 1:87.

The devil’s in the detail

People who know the Wunderland know: We mean business when it comes to the details. And so it is no surprise that we leave nothing to chance, not even at the fair. In the planning of the new section we also thought of escape and rescue routes, a sufficient number of toilets, fire safety regulations and proper waste disposal. Even the width of the lane was measured exactly so that - in accordance with regulations - two miniature fire engines can operate side by side.

The only thing of concern would probably be a technical inspection because in the process of building the rides we do not want to limit our imagination with such annoying things as gravity and physics.

Take a look behind the scenes

If you would like to watch us building the new fun fair, you are very welcome to regularly check our Youtube channel. Here we report first hand about the progress and setbacks on the construction site and in the workshops.

On his blog "Gerrit's Diary", Gerrit gives exciting insights into the construction process in the upcoming months. Feel free to check out our latest videos on the topic of the fun fair. (Btw: Subtitles available!)

Rough estimate: Facts & figures about the fun fair

Impressions from the construction site and workshops

Insights into the planning of the fun fair

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