Capital raising – LVTechNet members will be knowledgeable about the people and organizations that provide funding for technology businesses and development. Public and private sector sources of debt and equity financing will be both members of the LVTechNet and presenters of information about attracting capital

College and university information – LVTechNet will be an important organization for sharing and disseminating technical expertise and knowledge that is developing at the Lehigh Valley’s institutions of higher education. The LVTechNet will also be an important organization for sharing information on finding talented interns and employees with technological backgrounds in the Lehigh Valley.

Business networking – LVTechNet will be a critical organization in the Lehigh Valley for technology-based businesses to join. It will provide opportunities to make specific industry contacts, seek strategic partners, and generally promote business. The members of the organization will create a critical “network of knowledge” to assist both businesses already here and those just locating here.